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 Brought to you by a fellow 30-year PR vet
Meet more reporters than you've ever seen
in one room

Us publicists; we work our tails off pitching reporters every day. We comb through Muck Rack looking for what the press are talking about, we engineer pitches, research trends, thoughtfully prepare newsworthy angles and press lists that match. We pen press releases, produce events, but most of all we need to let our clients know that we’re on it. Every week, we cobble together all the work we’ve done to justify our monthly retainer. It never seems to be enough.  We so get it. We've been around the block. So, we started this exclusive service in 2009 to make it easier for our flack brethren (and sisterhood!)

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What do you get?
A display table with linens

Introductions to reporters

Gorgeous white box photos to use for marketing and publicity

A press list of more than 150 highly-vetted reporters looking specifically to write about products and entrepreneurial profiles


A little icing on the cake, you also get:

An introduction to the top curator looking for products to put on shelves at WalMart, Costco and Sam's Club.

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 Your products will also be reviewed by a top acquisition executive at The Home Shopping Network's show "American Dreams."

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Some of the stalwart contacts on our list include the product procurement person from ABC Radio who is looking for promotional products to put on her 1800 ABC Radio affiliates. You will also gain access to the giveaway girls at Bauer Publications, who need products for their 7 magazines that reach a whopping 18M eyeballs.

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Upcoming Events
July 13, 2017, New York City, "Stuff for Moms & Dads" in partnership with Blogger Bash
July 13, 2017, New York City, "The Coping Cabana," Booze, Bubbles & Smart Drinks for Parents
August 23, 2017, New York City, "Short Lead Holiday & Long Lead Valentine's Day Gift Guides"
Influencer Desk Deliveries, Top 20
Women's Holiday Gift Guides
Men's Holiday Gift Guides
Kid's Holiday Gift Guides
June 30, 2017
Who are we?

Consumer Product Events is the brainchild of a top CPG publicist, Alyson Dutch, who for 30 years has worked with big brands from Swatch to Mrs. Fields and was responsible for bringing ThinkThin nutrition bars to it's recent explosive iteration. A product launch pad since 1996, she is CEO of Brown + Dutch Public Relations Inc.,  the author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs, the POM Principle: 3 Things You Must Conquer to Start Any Business, a speaker in the entrepreneurship community, a mentor for the SBA's SCORE program and columnist for Small Business Digest. 

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